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Dr. Sudesh Lather


Established in 2017, Government College Barota is one of the initiatives taken by the Government of Haryana for providing accessibility and affordability of quality education to the rural population. As 65% of the population of India is situated in rural areas, emphasizing on rural education will boost the overall economy. Furthermore, it will also reduce the migration of people from rural areas to cites for employment and create new opportunities. The college aims to stand heads and shoulders above all other institutions, not because of its structure or greenery, not because of its calm, serene ambience, but precisely because it is trying to accomplish the sacred mission of shaping hundreds of young men and women of character and caliber who would make a difference in society by the quality of their lives and service in the days to come. Education determines the future and a better tomorrow waits for those who prepare for it today. My commitment is to lead the college with enthusiasm and passion to enable us to reach our goals. The joy is not merely in achieving the goals but in striving in a real hard way of bringing out the best from within oneself. Let us work together to make Government College Barota as the best institution, it can be. Let this college be a burning lamp that eliminates the darkness and radiates the light to all who come in contact with it. I look forward to welcoming you to be part of our vibrant learning world.